my friend Red

We met in a small group setting on a Wednesday night in Alaska. Gathering the girls for chat about the weeks events, concerns, victories and failures is the place where Megan “Red” Humphreys stole my heart. 

Unlike the other gals that filled the room, Red had not necessarily grown up in churchy church. She was there to learn, ask, pray, and grow in her faith. She listened intently, asked beautiful hard questions, and not offering judgement but understanding. As she journeyed through her H.S. years her hope in Jesus became her solid foundation and her all our search for His purpose for her days began. 
The privilege was all mine, to be in Bellingham, Washington to spend a week with this Red.
 My heart was worked over as I saw her passion for life, for others, for truth, being lived out in her little loft apartment. Meeting the man she would soon call Husband and listening to conversations among the friend circle filled me up. To see and hear stories of lessons learned and trust growing from a nice idea into a lifestyle reminded me why I loved leading and loving my Alaskan girls. 
 Now they are living out the life we talked about and the God they found hope for their next steps is now same God that is unfolding His plans. It really is a sweet gift. 


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