9 men plus 1 more

He knew something was up…cars began to arrive at the Howells. One by one 9 men came to celebrate and share wisdom with our now teenage son. Our favorite college basketball friend also joined the guys in the living room via Skype from the basketball court at Lipscomb University in Nashville. Steak and potatoes were served around our table as friends told stories of their own teenage years. There was laughter but also a healthy dose of weight and responsibility was felt.

As the night pushed forward the guys moved to the living room for a time of encouraging and sharing truth with our boy. Each one came prepared with words on topics such as

Gods Word
Loving Life/Adventure 

were among the words both spoken and in writing.

The burden to live according to Gods word as well as the joy that comes with a life that serves others and not self left a lasting impression on Zach. Last night after everyone had left and the family was tucked in bed…a stack of thoughtful, purpose filled letters were read over. Held in the hands of a once little 3 year old train lover, were words of wisdom and hope for the journey through manhood.

He took it like a man. Listened, soaked it all up as his own Dad along with the others felt the weight, the joy, the opportunity to be honest about growing up and holding onto Christ. They gathered, prayed, and more together than alone, the night concluded with 9 men plus 1 more.


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