adopting a daughter

I dreamed about adopting a daughter for a very long time.
I prayed during the adoption process for the four years we waited on her arrival.
I painted pictures of what our days together might look like.
I replayed those pictures day after day after day.
I asked God to use my love for girls ministry to reach into the heart of of very own girl.
I took her to Target her first week home and hoped that we soon would enjoy time on the town.
I watch her soak up my life with students and am reminded not  forget her heart.
I  hear her ask, “what countries were my boys in when they were waiting for you and Daddy?”
I am invited to her “coffee house” at night and she shares with me about her day.
I see her finding joy & purpose in playing Mommy, helping in the kitchen, and learning to care.
I endure the hard days when she struggles just like me with a sinful heart and selfish motives.
I celebrate the snapshots like these from our kitchen counter where I see compassion in her eyes.
I rely on the spirit alone to lead me as I give her small pieces of her story which points to Jesus.


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