D6/Quotable Conference

Don’t hate…In & Out right across from hotel. Lunch X2.
Finally got to hear Pete Wilson from Cross Point in Nash! 
Q & A dinner with Dennis Rainey = wisdom.
Heard, “Alaska!” from Aaron Schust in hotel lobby. Fun to catch up from college days.

I had the sweet privilege to travel to Fresco, Texas with my man and three other Fellowship Staff to the D6 Family Ministries Conference. It was more than I hoped both for me personally and for the ministry to families we get to do here in Jackson. We took in truck loads of teaching, ate great food, and enjoyed laughter. Its always good to come home feeling refreshed and ready to serve.
So here you go…my top 10 quotes from the week.

1. “What matters most in ministry is not what you accomplish…but who you become.” -Pete Wilson

2. “Technology is causing our kids to not only need immediate feedback…but constant affirmation. High arrogance is resulting from low self esteem.” (ya think?)  -Tim Elmore

3. “If you allow your life to be controlled by noise…you will not be useful.” -Pete Wilson

4. “Before you feel the need to run around looking busy, God is not NEEDY at all. Living for Christ is not about doing or being more…but abiding in Him.” -Richard Ross

5. “We are living in a world where kids are over exposed too early than they are ready and under exposed to real-life experiences far later than they are ready.” -Tim Elmore

6. “A life of ministry is not about what you can bring to the table…but about calling out to the King of Glory and watching HIM show off.” -Beth Guckenberger

7. “Bending our wills before Jesus Christ makes a marriage covenant work with broken people.”
-Dennis Rainey

8. “Try to not make sexual addiction be the one bad thing worse than any other sin.” – Sean McDowell

9. “A mentor is available, purposeful, authentic.” -Dennis Rainey

10. “Faithfulness is not just the absence of an affair. It is doing the right thing… not just staying away from the wrong thing.” -Beth Guckenberger


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