Chatting With Her



Night closes in at the Howell house and the little Sister is the first to jammie up and head to her room. She turns on her lamp and invites me in for some coffee.

She fluffs my pillow and seats me at one end of her big girl bed, with her pillow propped up at the other end. I sit comfortably and watch her host a coffee shop in her space.

Big brother is invited in to join in the conversation. It takes about 1 second to realize that this daughter is using her bright pink room and pretend kitchen to try out her hospitality skills. She seriously asked me after handing me my Starbucks cup, “So…how was your day?”

The girls that are in and out of our kitchen for chit chat and sharing good and bad days are the relationships that this little girl sees, hears, and wants to have in her little life. So that night, we drank coffee from her lil kitchen, and talked about the day on her own lil “couch”.

As she feel asleep she felt like she had hosted and served and loved and dug deep into my life…her Momma. It warmed my heart but also reminded me that she is on a constant lookout for the way I live out my days.

I hope that as she matures, that the coffee chats will turn from pretend “big girl” talk to real life conversation. Until then, I am honored to be the guest of my 4 year old. In 10 more years the topics and language will look different but the motive behind our time together will remain the same.


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