from the 15th floor

Getting away together is an art.
 It really is…the planning, organizing who will keep the kids, being away from ministry and its conversations, relationships and needs. Finding the place where you can get your mind and heart to a place of rest is art work.

I am happy to announce that we made it not to NYC but to Chicago. This summer my man started dreaming up a trip to the Big Apple for my birthday and a much needed time together. As the hurricane approached and brought distraction to the city, we mapped out a new plan.

 As I sit at the 15th floor looking out over the Navy Pier with breathtaking views of the city, my heart is full. I get my husband all to myself for the next 4 days to wonder the city, eat deep dish pizza, spend time on the river, and be together uninterrupted! Its a dream. Our hopes are to make it to NYC later to fulfill the bucket list experience but for this weekend, it is no mistake that we get to be side by side on the streets of the Windy City. I am thankful for the joy that comes in our marriage when he carves our intentional time for us.
More to come from the 15th floor as our adventure on the city streets begins.


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