birthday city style

It was a morning I won’t forget waking up on birthday morning to the Chicago city and Lake Michigan.  
I had two wishes, both an absolute dream for a Momma of 4.

1.Breakfast in bed with
2. the remote control in hand for the purpose of flipping back and forth from morning shows.

Call me crazy…but I have been wanting to sit and let an entire morning go by while GMA and TODAY entertain me with the wealth of useful information one can consume. I just wanted to see what it was that many Mothers enjoyed on a daily basis and how these shows help get their day off to an inspiring start.

Everything from decorating, nutrition, cooking, exercise, gift buying, style, and of course current events were a part of this morning routine! It was a blast and such a treat to relax and feel as if I had no other responsibilities other than eating biscuits and gravy and sipping a mug of coffee.

 I am thinking that a trip to even a local hotel once every 6 months is going to be in my Howell School teaching calendar to inspire creativity and enjoy guiltless, mindless, morning show surfing.

The rest of our day was enchanting walking blocks, people watching from a Starbucks street corner cafe, picture snapping, and meeting up with an elderly man who was the subject riding his bicycle with pants legs tucked in black dress socks in one of my earlier pictures. We were several blocks up and he was on foot this time, taking a moment to stop and ask us if we needed help (again we were the only ones on that corner holding a paper map).

 The hours of this birthday were savored, captured, and welcomed. Making memories with my man and finding beauty in the hustle of the city culture was such a treat!


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