He’s Been Waiting

Emily. A dear friend that goes back 12 years ago to a student day camp we had the joy of directing. She was a recent college grad starting her teaching career. Leading worship at camp and loving her role as Phys Ed leader made her the perfect gal for the job. Her passion for Christ, her energy with kids, and her crazy enthusiasm
made us fast friends. Over the years Emily has been waiting on God to show her His sweet plan. 
One that brings Him glory. 
One that is uniquely Him. 
One that doesn’t make perfect sense and is not the ” norm”. 
As we proceeded through the 4 years of adoption process with our daughter Molly, she began to hear God clearly. His voice was clear about her adopting a child…..
Adoption would bring Him glory because she would trust like never before.
Adoption would be uniquely Him because He originated adoption.
Adoption for Emily, wouldn’t make perfect sense to onlookers as a single parent never married.
Em found peace and hope and help and joy in the process that led her to an adorable son from China. 
Watching two kids with two different stories come home to families is incredible!
Welcome home Jabin. You. Are. loved.


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