"Hey Mommy….2"

The youngest brother has been asking, “Hey Mommy…when will we make cookies for the neighbors?” He reminds me that Christmas is in 10 days and I am in shock at how quickly we are losing days not only in the holiday season but in his little boy childhood.
 Days that often us Mommas barely make it through without sadly but truthfully…loosing our minds. Days where he just wants me to come SEE what he built, 
come HELP him with math, 
or go PLAY outside. 
The result of…
 putting off house cleaning, 
returning phone calls,
 planning out the next week, 
or just plain wasting time…
 meant that I was free to finally answer a week long hunger to 
bake, taste test, and deliver cookies 
from the heart and hands (thoroughly washed and sanitized 100 times) of the youngest brother. 


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