"Hey Mommy…3"

It was a full day of basketball games, student ministry girl time, having friends over, and running through our Saturday with little time to breathe. The nighttime settled in and the boys found blankets, pillows, and the new Netflix that arrived just in time for a cozy family time. I, busily in the kitchen contemplating the disaster of spaghetti stained dinner plates and garlic bread crumb trails had to make a choice. Give them clean….or give them time. When you hear,
“Hey Mommy…come sit with us and watch this! You’ve never seen it and its awesome!” by the 10 year old brother, you have to make a choice.
 For me, for today, I sat and watched and enjoyed their excitement wrapped up in the Polar Express holiday classic. Halfway into the movie came another, “Hey Mommy, we should make homemade hot chocolate!” We paused, mixed the recipe, filled holly edged mugs, and topped with marshmallows, making tonight’s “Hey Mommy” moments extra sweet.


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