Hurry is the ENEMY of DEPTH…

For my memory…and maybe you may find a truth that jumps out at you. Kris and I heard Doug speak on “Sunlamps” last year and we were encouraged to abide and put to rest the hurry and find the healthy in ministry life. Enjoy.

Doug Fields: Staring into Sunlamps
Lies Believed:
1. The Importance of Numbers
– you adopt the vision that bigger is better: becomes your value
– amazing pressure to feed the beast every week
2. The Pace of Life
– sprint, not a marathon
– always more to do: never ends
– side-effect: longing for isolation – wanting to hide and skim on relationships
3. Constant Comparison
– comparison is sandwiched when your value is numbers and programs
– speaking, leadership, materials, etc.
– the sunlamp others put on you. People comparing you to other leaders.
Staring into these sunlamps damages your vision when you focus on them. When it becomes a priority.
You feel like a minority because nobody talks about it and/or admits to it.
How do you remove the bandages and begin to live?
John 11: Unwrap him so that he may live…
What are the learnings?
1. Bigger isn’t better – better is better
– people don’t want to be a number
– numbers begin to feed this hungry insecurity
– healthier is better
2. Hurry is the enemy of depth – there is a price to pay for busyness
– discovered depth in self, others and relationship with Christ
3. Replace comparison with effectiveness
– stop comparing and start abiding
– never about others; always about Jesus
– embrace unique wiring
Picture of Christ and disciples at the last supper. Not about who sits on right or left (staff, pastor, church, etc) but always only about Christ.
Focusing on an artificial light and not the real light. Do we pay attention to the thing that Jesus truly cares about?
How are we as a team focusing on the wrong lamp?
When you ask how my family is doing, I don’t say “5.”  We are compelled to seek and be satisfied by stats. 
A leader to attendance is like an addict to a crack pipe.
Quit being impressed by the busyness of others. Busyness is a sign of being damaged. 
Every leader, church and thing looks better from a distance – but fairly dysfunctional under a microscope.
When you look to the future, are you happy with the direction your soul is headed? 

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