Losiah and Molly


These two.
Adopted kids find each other.
Adoptive parents find each other.
If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know the story.
I found Carlos and Heather Whittaker through their adoption blog.
Heather lovingly coached me, the online stranger through our trip to Korea to find Molly.
We met in person in Atlanta almost 5 years ago.
They now live in Nash and we get to spend time together.
And. It. Is. Precious.
There is beauty in the eyes of two once orphaned babies with their arms tied around each others necks.
The amount of joy that wells up in the Moms of these two can
stop traffic,
cause a conversation to hault,
and often means the cameras come out to mark yet another miracle day in the journey of Molly and Losiah.
We make space for Korea to be in their stories, in our families.
On our last visit, Losiah and Molly looked at each others baby pics.
These two. I just look at these pictures and dream about the conversations they will have as adults about  hope, family, adoption, Korea, and I am thankful we found each other.



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