{christmas wish} all the ways we need Jesus

Do you ever wish you had clearer sight?
The kind of sight that sees God at work
and makes the move 
to acknowledge Him in that very moment?

I didn’t realize how meaningful

it would become to read
those memories until now.

Some years I wrote down every detail.
The reality is there are a several years I forgot to
record and…
I have no idea what went down those years.

Our book is not a crafty scrapbook.
Its raw. Lots of ink, tape, and sight.
It is not cute or creative. Like not at all.
But I love what it holds.

Taped to the pages are pictures,
cards, and memories
too precious to forget.

The pictures of our oldest now 14
as a baby, inside his stocking is officially precious.
That year my gift was a Compassion child sponsor card
wrapped up with a card that read “ITS A GIRL!”
A card from the first family that welcomed us to Tennessee.
Pictures of Molly’s first Christmas home from Korea.
Each year marked with faithfulness of 
our hope in Jesus.
Our first born,
a girl in Uganda,
the family that welcomed us,
and an adoption completed.
I love how Christmas has a way
of marking a years worth
of time gone by.
Memories recorded from years past
show just how quickly hours pass.
That movement of time 
reminds us of all the ways and places we
have needed Jesus.
Places He walked with us…
ways He spoke to us…
people He led us too…
hurts that He healed us of…
hope that He filled us with.
You may find yourself wanting to have
clear sight this year.
You see Gods hand on the events surrounding your
celebration and the truth of Him showing up
over the past year.

Within our imperfection of consistency
we will record and remember.

Even in our lack of sight
He reminds us of all He has accomplished
 in and around us.

What will you be looking for in your celebration?
How you recount the ways Jesus has come to you?



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