When Heart Change Feels Crazy Complicated [(in)courage guest post]



Today is the day that (in)courage is sharing a guest post I submitted early December. But listen… let it be known that I was feeling brave and scared at the same time because I’ve never thought of myself as a “for real writer”.  I’m completely honored to share the desk with umm… some of my favorite author heroes and fellow brave souls. So, pull up a chair and finish the rest of the post over at their cozy space!


Some days my heart decides its a good day to pack up and take a hike. My days are so full of good things but somehow this past year, I have slowly found myself moving away from my former agreeable self.

This one particular night, I took my seat on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand and husband across the room.

It had been a long few days of not being on the same page. Twenty years of love and doing the hard work of selfless living had gotten the best of us that week.

I did my best to explain the condition of my brutal heart and why I felt like things had changed, but it all came out sounding spoiled and needy and lacking hope. I could feel God calling me into question… and refining the places I had wondered.

Have you been there too?

Join me over at (in)courage   for the rest of the story! Also, y’all might LOVE getting daily encouragement from the writers of (in)courage right to your inbox… I am always thankful for honest truth from these gals.  Click here to subscribe.




5 thoughts on “When Heart Change Feels Crazy Complicated [(in)courage guest post]

  1. This resonated so deeply with me! I have felt that way many times, especially around the time I turned 40 – and still do from time to time and I am now 48. I love, “its in the yielding that God does his best work” so very true!! How can He if we don’t let him!

    So glad you were brave and wrote this and submitted it to (in(Courage!!

    Have a great rest of the week!


    1. Thanks Tiffany for your kind words! It’s always hopeful to hear were not alone in the struggling days! I was brave… So many writers with really beautiful style and words. I just decided to go for it!
      – Jen


  2. Love it! Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing from your heart. I think God desires to give us the desires of our heart (that of course align with His) so keep seeking to find ways to “express your voice”. It’s in His safety of His arms and your family that we can express our voice even if it’s about guacamole–then trust that He will transform them to look more like His.
    “Opening up our desire in God’s presence–even when we’re not sure which parts are true and which are false–is humbling, but it gives God a chance to help us sort it all out.” ~R.H. Barton


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