Peacing Out Like Abraham


I was in a texting frenzy to craft a message to a friend here in town about our gearing up to move and how we were planning to finish school differently than we intended. I hesitated to press send…because it felt so real all of the sudden.

Wait – what? We are leaving for real? Do I even believe that God is in this?

Thankfully I sent the message, because her reply was the beginning of my week of hearing from God. She said a simple phrase that would go on to encourage and add to my hope.

“I am praying for you – modern day Abraham!!”

Oh how I needed that. Many have voiced…”Cant you do the next phase of ministry here? If you find a job here you won’t have to leave!”

The answer is…we can’t and we don’t want too. God is planning out our next season and we know in our hearts that He desires us to be sent out…Abraham would have missed out if he wasn’t willing right?

He traveled far, pitched tents, built altars, experienced famine, hauling possessions, battling enemies, dealing with Kings, and along the journey he heard from God.

A few days later I was taking a walk with the baby brother admiring tree petal blooms gathering up on the street when my Sis in Alaska sent me a Matthew 19:29 text.

Jesus and Peter were chatting about following and leaving behind what they knew and loved for so much more that was up ahead.

“…and everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for my names sake; will receive hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.

Not because picking up and moving is glamorous… but because Jesus favors trust.

Fast forward to yesterday when my friend in Nashville texts me a pic of some words from Genesis she had written in the past but made sense for me now.

At this point I am excited to see what God sends to my iPhone because I am soaking up the reminders. Texting is a ministry y’all!

She sends me Genesis 12:1 and I look up where Abram (before his name was changed) journeys to Egypt. Oh good grief it has to be Egypt doesn’t it?!

“Now the Lord said to Abram, Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father’s house, To the land which I will show you; And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing…”

Go forth! Check.

To the land which I will show you? So I’m supposed to be okay with not knowing…?

God delights in our not having all the facts. The perfect plan. A comforting, well-groomed front to make us look and feel successful.

She encouraged me about God being purposeful and never aimless. When he calls us out he is also calling us too. He sometimes doesn’t quickly reveal the destination.

Its true! Its hard. Its exciting! He will show us. You just watch Him.

Three different friends listened to the spirit speaking to them about how to encourage us and He used their obedience to grow my heart.

The truth is, our 20 year marriage has a history of adventure (including but not limited too 6 weeks of living in a tent across the United States).

For some of you moving causes severe anxiety attacks. You can not at all fathom leaving what you know and love and don’t even mention walking away from family either…Lord NO WAY.

This week was filled up with good news y’all. God is faithful and promises to show us our next landing place.

Do I wish I knew? Every day.

Do I get discouraged? Every day.

Am I hopeful. Every day.

Do we feel God stirring in us something fresh and new that is not here? Every day.

Maybe God is asking you to step out.

Maybe you are being forced to step out.

Either way He gets the fame because He works all things out for His names sake and for our good.

He did it for Abraham

and Peter

and Noah

and Moses

and Sarah

and Mary

and Rahab

and Jacob

and Joseph

and the list continues as the testimony of saying yes to God continues even today

for the Howells.

I am hopeful that you can find courage to say yes to whatever it is you are fearing…because there is so much on the other side of safe and easy. I am – uh hem – dying to know what is on the other side.

Your modern day Abraham,





One thought on “Peacing Out Like Abraham

  1. We have just about hit the year mark from our own journey of letting go, trusting God, and taking that big leap. And Amanda’s verse is the absolute truth- what God has planned is so far above and beyond what our little minds can conceive. I am going to love watching your journey and will be praying you through. My claim through our entire 3 year process was that I “just want to be obedient”. Some thought we were crazy, some supported us, and others didn’t know what to think. I still always pause here when someone asks what brought us to NC- because I know the simple answer of “God” may either bring about an amen or a very confused look that then requires an explanation. It’s been fun having those conversations and being able to revisit our last 3 years. To be fully honest, we still don’t know why we are here. Yes, we love it, we are abundantly blessed and grateful we were obedient. But what we are here to do? Who knows how long it will take to figure that all out, but we know the One who was faithful to bring us here will also be faithful to fill us in when the time is right. God bless your precious family and know I am praying here in Charlotte for you! 💗🙏🏻


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