When Hard Times Harvest Hope [I’m A Guest Over at (in)courage Today!]


It was the phone call we had been hoping for.

Two months of interviews with a church, and desperate cries for clarity had been the daily rhythm for our family of seven.

Just days before, two lead Pastors and their wives flew in to spend the day getting to know us. We were sure that God was connecting the dots for this job to be our new reality.

How is it possible to remain consistently hopeful for such an exhausting amount of time?

God was surely ahead of our story and I was right where He wanted me…finding Him consistently present in the unknown.

I have sought Him out in fresh ways and would never wish this season away, but I’m telling you that the stress seemed to dominate our days.

I am learning that the hard times harvest hope.

 When we sow seeds of trust, the Spirit gives us everything we need for living victorious one foot in front of the other.

 The dark days of waiting are where we practice being fully at peace with where God is taking us.

I am surely not amazing at this…you?

 Honestly…I was over all the hoping and trying to keep my family above water.

Well, lets just say that the morning was relaxing and off to a beautiful start.

My people were already playing in the pool and music from the jam box may have woke up all the neighbors earlier than they’d like.

Conversations were all over the map as our teens dreamed out loud about a possible move to Colorado, between cannon balls and sunscreen.

It was in that moment that our oldest noticed a missed call from the church we had been waiting for…..

To finish reading, hop on over to (in)courage today and join me! Hope to see y’all there.

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2 thoughts on “When Hard Times Harvest Hope [I’m A Guest Over at (in)courage Today!]

  1. Hey Ashley 🙂 Thanks for reading along! Its a hard place to be but SO MUCH good mixed in too. I’m glad you are willing to see the hope that is absolutely in His hands. Thank you for encouraging me on the guest post too! Such an honor.


  2. This was a perfect read for me this am. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart, your family. I am in the midst of some uncertainty too, but have great hope for what the Lord is up to. This brought comfort to my soul. Thanks again. Congrats on getting a spot on guest posting.


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