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Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my little blog home. I love being in the company of people who just want to find a soul who understands the hilarious and the hard. You don’t have to read between the lines over here because… reality speaks for itself!

Journeying with others is my favorite. I’m hopeful that you just might find a safe spot to enjoy real life stories and encouragement for where you are today.

My hope is that the words spoken here help us to live a little lighter and a lot more honest!

Go ahead and grab a cup of what you love and stay a while!  I began blogging years ago as we began the adoption process and each year God sharpens my vision and gives me refreshed purpose for writing!

There are 7 of us in our home, so you can imagine we have all kinds of crazy, loads of laughter and laundry. Within our walls we share plenty of hard days that keep us growing in our deep need for Jesus.

We are nearing 21 years of marriage and definitely celebrate every single year that has challenged, grown, and sharpened our relationship.

Good days, less than awesome days, and everything in between has been apart of our story, but we always come out stronger and with a deeper love!

Currently, you can find me living in a season that I like to call “diapers and dating”. The family roster includes 3 older sons 18, 15, 13, the one and only daughter 9, and our newest (not an accident and absolutely hoped for) 2-year-old baby boy.

Howel family 85

My heart beats for lots of things like:


I’m desperate for all things outdoor beautiful. Growing up in  Alaska spoiled me and after living 9 mountain deprived years in the in the mid south, we are happily back in the land of beauty called the PNW!


We dove into Bible College at Toccoa Falls and never looked back. I get to stand in the trenches as a Pastor’s wife in Family Ministry. It is never perfect, but there is great joy in serving in the areas God has prepared us for. I love love love leading and encouraging girls and women.


I’m at a season where I don’t exactly fit the “young mom” or “moms of young kids” groupies because I am umm 41! I love this season of connecting with Moms young and old as we walk out the day-to-day highs and lows together.

The fleeting days and the years we have left with our kids keeps me accountable to my family and motivated to share our lives with others!


So welcome from all of us Howells!


Photo Cred: Karin Prunty Photography, Jackson Tn.


3 thoughts on “Jen + Fam

  1. Hi!
    Are you in west TN?? I saw. Where are your photographer was from Jackson, Tennessee. I am a West Tennessee girl :-). I currently live in East Tennessee. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, wife, mom of two and writer/speaker. So happy I stumbled upon your blog. I found you through Anna Rendll “girl with a blog”. Look forward to getting to know you better :-). Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Sarah!! So fun to hear from you :). I lived in Jackson for 9 years but just moved to Washington. EastTN is beautiful. Love that we were “introduced” through Anna! She’s a gem! Thanks for coming over to say hi. Jen


    2. Hey Sarah! I hope you got my reply a while ago…I just came across it and wondered if maybe I just commented and didn’t actually hit reply! Anyway, I hope to connect with you around here. – Jenny


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