When Your Marriage Cries For Margin

  I excitedly packed my bag for an overnight getaway with my man in Seattle like I was leaving for a high-end trip for a month to another country. Although I only needed a change of clothes, a hat, a book and my journal just in case - my heart was beating hard just like … Continue reading When Your Marriage Cries For Margin


Sun/Snorkle/Sail/Sweedish Friends

We took a day cruise on a Catamaran called the "Getaway". Could it get any more perfect? We cruised out to a beautiful island with Carribean blue waters and a white beach :). Carribean tunes came from each boat and we heard every language possible in those couple of hours! Just on our boat alone … Continue reading Sun/Snorkle/Sail/Sweedish Friends

Puerto Rico Lovin

We are loving our time together on this island! We have checked out of life for 8 days just to chill with each other, sleep, sun, swim and soak up date night after date night. It really is a dream. My man is romantic and I am so thankful I get to be his wife...for … Continue reading Puerto Rico Lovin

carribean…here we come!

After a month of searching Cheapcarribean.com every night....we have found our destination! Our budget narrowed down the choices pretty quick but it was still tough. We went away to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary. Our 15th is up next in March. Kris brought home the confirmation to me today...its going to be beautiful! Puerto Rico … Continue reading carribean…here we come!

Front Yard Facelift :)

We took Daddy's day off and headed to the Garden nursery just down the road! We found the perfect tree and azalea plants to add to our front garden! At home, a truckload of mulch was dumped in our driveway just waiting to freshen up our washed out beds (in Tn you mulch everything every … Continue reading Front Yard Facelift 🙂

At Home…

Went on a dinner date with Kris last week and it was awesome to catch up on our kids and how we are doing with parenting. Sometimes those talks are tough and discouraging but this one I felt like we were on top of our game! School is the hot topic as we are getting … Continue reading At Home…

5 Ingredients for Romance :)

Last night my man wrapped up a chick flick for me to open with a yellow sticky note that said, " Here's a cuddle classic for you for those times when you just want to ....ya know CUDDLE :)." I opened Ever After and couldn't remember the movie because I never watch chick flicks. Usually … Continue reading 5 Ingredients for Romance 🙂